The best fake tan is the one that goes undetected!

Posted on September 25 2018

The best fake tan is the one that goes undetected!

Skin Preparation:

To ensure a flawless tan, skin preparation prior to self-tanning/sunless tanning/fake tan will ensure a smoother application. A few tips to guarantee that you get your very best from your fake tan.


Why is it so important? Exfoliation should be a part of your weekly skin regime with or without bronzing your body, by exfoliating your entire body you remove dead skin cells from the outer most layer of the skin (this is called the epidermis), keeping your skin renewed and younger looking. Exfoliation should be done with an exfoliation mitt, a loofer, product body exfoliant or body scrub. When exfoliating your face take extra care that you’re not using too abrasive material or product. Exfoliate in small circular motion this will promote blood circulation and work up towards the heart, get that blood pumping.

The dead skin does naturally slough away, so every 4-7 days we do slough off around 25% so over the duration of approximately 30 days the skin has fully renewed itself. This is the natural process of the skin.

Exfoliation and Self-tanning/Spray tanning/Sunless tanning (whatever you like to call fake tanning).

How does exfoliation play a part in FAKE TANNING?

For optimum results from a self-tan or fake tan your skin needs to be in its best condition, with any fake tan whether it be a self-bronzing mousse or a spray tan they are best applied on to smooth skin to achieve a flawless finish, there are also other contributions to a great all-over fake tan, but exfoliation is the first rule. Also concentrate on the areas we usually forget about, elbows, hands, feet, the thicker skinned and dryer areas of your body.

Your skin is the base for the tan application, much like a canvas to an artist!

If you’re tanning on weekly basis without exfoliating your leaving dead skin on your body which over time the tan will build up in these areas and looking patchy, dry and dull. Not a desired look!

Shaving and or waxing is a form of exfoliation and should never be done on the day of tanning, nor should exfoliation these should be done the day before your application for best results.

Laser hair removal, if you’re a person that uses this method for hair removal you can not have a fake tan on your body while this is being performed. Your beauty therapist will give you the best advice for laser hair removal and fake tanning. Until next time!

Keep Smiling :)

Julie from Team Attantion.


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