You should get approximately 4-6 applications you should be using around 30-50mls per application, this would be dependent on your use and your application.

All products should be patch tested before use, to do this get a cotton tip and apply a small amount of Mousse to the cotton tip and in an inconspicuous area such as behind your ear. If any irritation occurs discontinue use and seek medical advice.

A barrier crème is just a moisturiser or body butter that is applied to dry areas of the body. The barrier crème puts a protection layer between the skin and tan, so a lighter tan is developed in areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Dry skin is thirsty skin these areas are usually dryer and will absorb more bronzer from the tan.

When storing your glove and mitt wet it allows bacteria to grow, after washing them always air dry before your next use.

We don’t recommend leaving them on for longer than specified times, but you don’t have to rinse them off to the exact minute, a little over the time frame is ok.

The lasting of a tan would depend on a few things, the condition of your skin, your after-tan care, ingredients in an aftercare product, but in saying this you should get at least 7 days out of tan depending on the care of your tan.

If you need to shave your legs always use a new razor and glide lightly over your legs. (Shaving/waxing is a form of exfoliation).

Swimming in a pool will fade your tan faster especially in public pools. The tan is water resistant after development but never soak in long hot baths, pools/spas these will cause your tan to fade away faster.

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