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      ATTANTIONS Velour buffing glove is soft with a luxurious feel, use to apply ATTANTIONS Luxury Self-Bronzing Mousse to ensure a flawless finish and even application. When using Attantion’s buffing glove you have more control over your application, it’s the perfect partner when applying your Attantion’s self-bronzing mousse.

      Our buffing glove is fully lined to prevent your hands from staining, is washable and re-usable.


      Apply 1-2 pumps of ATTANTION’S luxury self-bronzing mousse to glove and in circular motion buff mousse into skin, continue to apply mousse all over your body, till full body tan coverage has been applied.


      1. Use buffing glove dry for mousse application.
      2. After each use hand wash and allow to dry.
      3. Do Not use harsh detergents to wash glove.
      4. Make sure all tanning product has been removed.
      5. Gently squeeze out water, re-shape and allow to air dry.
      6. DO NOT store buffing glove WET.
      7. Dependent on use, replace after 6 months.
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