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      Description: Attantion’s dusting and blending brush is a synthetic hair, can be used for dusting your body with ATTANTION’S finishing powder or can also be used for blending your tan in on areas your tan may look uneven or need blending out for a more natural looking tan.

      Directions for Dusting: When used as a dusting brush, dip brush in the jar of Attantion’s finishing powder, gently shake off excess and lightly dust your body or where you feel you may need it.

      Areas that may need dusting would be the neck, inner elbow, backs of knees, under arms/pits, buttocks smiley lines, under breast or you can just dust your entire body.

      Directions for Blending: When used as a blending brush, move the brush in small circular motion that gently buffs and blends the tan out. This would be done straight after your application, for an even and lightly tanned area.

      Areas that may need blending would be hands, between fingers, feet, elbows, wrists and or knees.

      Care Instructions: After each use wash gently in warm soapy water and allow to dry. Do not use harsh detergents.

      Vegan friendly.

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