Exfoliation Mitt


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      ATTANTION'S Kessa exfoliation mitt removes dead skin leaving your skin polished and renewed in preparation for your bronzing mousse application.

      Our Exfoliation MITT is fully lined to protect your hands, is washable and re-usable.


      Exfoliate your entire body the day before bronzing, this will ensure you application is smooth and that your tan will last longer. Exfoliation should be done in small circulation motions to promote blood circulation and concentrate on the dryer areas of the body e.g. elbows, feet.

      Exfoliation should be included in your weekly skin regime for renewed and younger looking skin.


      1. Use MITT wet for exfoliation.
      2. Rinse MITT often during exfoliation to remove dead skin.
      3. After each use, hand wash only in warm soapy water.
      4. Do Not use harsh detergents to clean MITT.
      5. Gently squeeze out water, re-shape and allow to air dry.
      6. DO NOT store exfoliation MITT WET.
      7. Dependent on use, replace after 6 months.
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